? Turnstyle Property Depreciation - How We Work
If you are a property investor, the Turnstyle Property Depreciation approach is uniquely structured to ensure that our work process for you is thorough and comprehensive, efficient in terms of time and effort, and enables you sufficient time to consider, reflect and decide before going forward. Our aim is to remove as much of the paperwork and administrative burden from you.
The following is an outline of our process:
Stage 1:
First Meeting
Introductions are made and we discover more about you, your property and your present position. Our property depreciation service relevant to you is outlined. The meeting is FREE, carries no obligations and would normally take about 15 minutes. We leave you with some relevant data to collect and forward to us in your own time, should you wish to proceed further.
Stage 2:
Confirmation To Proceed
After receiving your data and reviewing it, we meet again to confirm detail. At this point we table a proposal for work to be undertaken for you, together with an estimate on our fees. Once agreed, you will advise on confirmation to proceed.
Stage 3:
Physical Inspection
After obtaining you or your property manager’s approval, we conduct a physical inspection of the property and any common property.
Stage 4:
Presentation Of Draft Property Depreciation Report
After detailed analysis of your situation, we prepare our written 40 year property depreciation report and summary of your tax deductions, under both the Prime Cost method (straight line) and Diminishing Value Method (accelerated form of depreciation).Depreciatible assets of capital and plant and articles will be separately identified and tabulated. Here we ensure that that you have a full understanding of the report and nothing is finally drafted until we have your approval.
Stage 5:
Review And Presentation Of Final Property Depreciation Report
After obtaining your approval, we then implement your comments and present the final property depreciation report.
The key to the delivery of a successful, planned report is regular contact and provision of all necessary source information in a timely fashion. We will also like to obtain your feedback that your expectations have been met.
Have your property depreciated the “Turnstyle” way… call us today for these services and many more.
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